Sanchis Mira S.A. has implemented a Total Quality Model to better satisfy our client's needs. This model remains based on three fundamental pillars:

Human Capital - The relationship among the employees must be exemplary.

Society - The company must be in great harmony with its social environment.

Alimentary Safety - Manufacture of high quality products.

In Sanchis Mira, we created our own laboratory and food security, process control e I+D+I. The lab helps ensure the highest quality and safety of our raw ingredients as well as that of other ingredients used in the manufacturing process. The lab also maintains a rigurous quality control of the finished products. Daily strict analytical microbiology testing, allergens, toxins, organoleptic and physico-chemical parameters are performed to ensure that the processed products are completely safe of high quality for our consumers; which they are our principal priorities. We also work with important external laboratories to extend our range of controls and thus comply all legal requirements as well as the more stringent requirements of our customers.

Also, continuous investment ensures that in the process we have control equipment more advanced with the sole purpose of ensuring security.

All this is guaranteed through the certification IFS v6 of quality and food safety in all our production plants, as well as the certification UNE-EN ISO14001:2015 environmental management which is a result of our high environmental sensitivity to our environment.

Sanchis Mira is currently the top producer of Jijona Turrón, Alicante Turrón and Alicante Turrón Tortas. These products are backed by the Consejo Regulador de las Indicaciones Geográficas Protegidas Jijona y Turrón de Alicante. The mission of this public entity is supervising that all included turrones are manufactured in the Jijona area, using controlled raw materials in the exact proportion and of the precise variety specified by the entity. The Consejo also supervises that the manufacturing process follows the traditional methods.

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All actions of the Consejo Regulador de las Indicaciones Geográficas Jijona y Turrón de Alicante are supported by the Order 26 from the Conselleria de Agricultura y Medio Ambiente dated September 26, 1995, and published in the DOGV number 2.605 dated 16/10/96 and ratified by the Ministerio de Agricultura Pesca y Alimentación by the Order dated March 22, 1996, BOE number 98 dated 23/05/96 and homologated by the European Union in RCEE number 1.107/96 dated June 12,1996 (DOCE 21/06/96).

The Consejo Regulador de las Indicaciones Geográficas Protegidas Jijona y Turrón de Alicante requires to its associates, and thus guarantees the consumer:

“That the primary ingredients used are those indicated in the Reglamento 23/04/96 (BOE), article 11, that is: pure honey from bees at a minimum of 10% a minimum percentage of almonds of 64% for Jijona Turrón and 60% for Alicante Turrón, and that the methods employed for production must follow the indications mandated by this Reglamento.